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I am Darnelle Jaheal Lalin and I'm an animator who will be making animated skits and parodies
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Posted by JahealLalinYT - December 4th, 2021

Now I’m sure most of you are like, “But, Jaheal, why are you quitting Storytime, it’s the thing that got you popular, well that and your beatbox tracks.” Yes I know, but I wanna be known for other things, besides storytime, plus I barely see any animations in storytime videos nowadays. I see it more as illustration than animation, though there are some people in the storytime community who do good animation, like, TheAMaazing, SomeThingElseYT, Jaiden, etc. But most of them are doing it because they’re jumping on a bandwagon, or they’re doing it because they’re passionate about doing it. The second reason I’m quitting storytime is that I'm making my own animated series, called “Galaxy Rivals”. You guys saw the trailers and previews of it. I also released the pilot. And you guys really liked it, my friends also liked it, even the people who helped me with it. The third reason that I’m leaving storytime is that I'm bored of making them. I still watch storytime creators, but making storytime videos myself, that’s borsom. 

Have you seen my older storytime videos? I'm sorry most of them looked ugly, most of them were rushed, and I regret not spending much time on them. I’m now training myself to be a better animator before I start working on the second episode of Galaxy Rivals. I even told my animators to improve in their animations, and to properly imitate my style. Though I’m no longer making storytime videos and when I told my friends about it, they all understood why I’m no longer doing storytime.


Focusing on Galaxy Rivals, of course, and making beatbox tracks. But I wanna do other types of content, like doing animated parodies, animated songs, fan animations, animatics, giving you all behind the scenes of my animations, doing commentary videos on YouTubers/ Films and TV shows, collaborating with my fans and friends, and making my own TMNT short. I have so many ideas for future projects and I can’t wait to share them with you guys. Oh, also I’ll swear in my commentary videos, because I’m 14 now, and my friends around my age swear, so...FUCK YEAH!! I hope you guys will like the new changes to my channel, and I know what you’re thinking, NO, I will not be taking down my old storytime videos. The reason I wanna keep them up is because I wanna laugh at how bad I was in comparison to how I am now. Don’t tell me guys don’t do that. Anyways, hope y’all gonna love the new changes to my new content. See ya next time, love you!!


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